Living a Legacy: 40 Years of Excellence

This 2018/2019 school year marks the 40th anniversary of Chestertown Christian Academy. For forty years, CCA has assisted its community by training young people to love God, serve others, and strive for excellence in all areas of life. As we approach this great milestone, we take time as a school and community to reflect upon the ways in which God has blessed and led in the development of our school, honoring our legacy while looking ahead to a bright future.
Founded in 1979 by Pastor David Nelms and Administrator Lewis Nelms, Chestertown Christian Academy began as a ministry of Chestertown Baptist Church. Starting in the basement of the church, the Nelms brothers used the ACE curriculum to teach their first thirty five students. The Lord quickly blessed the school, and in 1981, with a senior class of five, students moved out of the church and into a new building (now the elementary building). As enrollment grew, CCA leadership found the need to further expand the school. In 2005, with a senior class of thirteen, construction was completed on a new high school building, and the elementary and high school were each given their own separate buildings.
In 1998, Joseph Baugher joined CCA as administrator, a position he still holds. Under his leadership the school continues to teach virtue and truth to each student who walks through its doors.
Throughout forty years of growth, Chestertown Christian Academy has never forgotten its Christian mission of helping students reach their fullest potential. Each teacher at CCA is committed to providing a rigorous education and robust spiritual instruction. Students attend weekly chapel services and daily Bible classes, where they develop their faith by personal reflection and study. Teachers also serve as a spiritual resource for students, weaving biblical truth in every class and aiding students on an individual level with counseling and spiritual encouragement. When a student completes his CCA education, he not only possesses the skills he needs to pursue a career or higher education, but he also has the firm foundation in Christian worldview he needs to live out his faith in every area of life.
Chestertown Christian Academy’s emphasis on developing the mind and spirit has consistently produced high quality students. The academic and extracurricular programs at CCA challenge students to work hard and develop their God-given talents. Equipped with the academic, moral, and spiritual skills they need to succeed in the world, CCA graduates pursue degrees at Christian and secular colleges and universities across the country. No matter what careers they choose, CCA graduates serve as salt and light to the world.
As we celebrate forty years of excellence, Chestertown Christian Academy reflects upon our united mission while looking ahead to a hopeful future. The theme for this 2018-19 school year, “Living a legacy,” is meant to draw students’ focus back to the principles and practices that made CCA a trusted education institution and to encourage them to look for ways to continue expanding their influence into the community. In “Living a legacy,” students and faculty seek to show the community all that CCA has to offer prospective parents, emphasizing our forty years of success. We also mark this anniversary by establishing new boards and committees to further strengthen the school’s presence and look for ways in which we can expand and improve our services and programs. We are confident that this year will be a catalyst to even brighter days ahead, and we thank the Lord for blessing our school beyond measure.