Member Listing

  • Fellows, Helfenbein & Newnam Funeral Home, P.A.

    Contact: Kirk Helfenbein
    130 Speer Road - Chestertown, MD 21620
    (p) 410-778-0055, (f) 410-758-2458, Email

  • Fiduciary’s Friend, LLC, The

    The Fiduciary’s Friend provides accounting services to law firms and solo practitioners needing support for estate administrations, trust administrations, guardianship proceedings and estate planning. We also proved tax preparation services to estates, trusts, small businesses and individuals.

    Contact: Sally Camp
    119 A-4 N. Main Street - Galena, MD 21635
    (p) 410-648-6866 | 443-553-2003, (f) 410-648-6877, Email

  • Figg’s Ordinary

    Contact: Ingrid Hansen
    207 S. Cross Street, #102 - Chestertown, MD 21620
    (p) 443-282-0061, (f) , Email

  • Finishing Touch, The

    Contact: Bob Ramsey
    311 High Street, P. O. Box 402 - Chestertown, MD 21620
    (p) 410-778-5292, (f) 410-778-5293, Email

  • Fish Whistle at the Granary

    Contact: Jeff Carroll
    PO Box 284 - Georgetown, MD 21930
    (p) 410-275-1603, (f) , Email

  • Fleetwood Insurance Group


    Contact: Creg Fleetwood
    100 Talbot Boulevard - Chestertown, MD 21620
    (p) 410-778-2260, (f) 410-778-0306, Email

  • Flow Salonspa

    Hair salon specializing in styles and coloring to enhance your look and life.

    Contact: Jaye Alexis Jacobs
    315 High Street, Suite 103 - Chestertown, MD 21620
    (p) 410-810-1881, (f) , Email

  • For All Seasons, Inc.

    FOR ALL SEASONS, INC. is a private, non-profit human services agency offering outpatient mental health services, including psychiatry, for children, youth and adults, and crisis support for victims of rape, sexual assault and other traumas. We provide support and services to all individuals, groups, organizations and communities throughout the Mid-Shore to assist, maintain and enhance social functioning regardless of ability to pay.

    Contact: Beth Anne Langrell
    516 Washington Avenue - Chestertown, MD 21620
    (p) 410-822-1018, 410-200-3826, (f) 410-822-5884, Email

  • Forrest, Anne

    Retired to Chestertown from Angels Camp, CA.  Involved in destination and economic development there.  Previously spent 24 years in Hong Kong in corporate communications consulting throughout Asia Pacific.

    Contact: Anne B. Forrest
    477 Sandpiper Court - Chestertown, MD 21617
    (p) 443-292-0861, 209-559-4781, (f) , Email

  • Frank B. Rhodes Furniture Maker

    Serving the Eastern Shore since 1983, Frank B. Rhodes has been providing restoration and conservation of traditional American furniture, as well as building notable reproduction pieces and custom furniture. He also offers superior upholstery services using his beautiful selection of fine fabrics.

    Contact: Frank B. Rhodes
    535 Morgnec Road - Chestertown, MD 21620
    (p) 410-778-3993, (f) 410-778-4846, Email

  • Fred’s Firearm Service, LLC

    Federal and State Licensed Armorer, Firearm Sales, Service, Restorations, and Evaluations. 8AM to 10PM daily hours, w/e and holidays. Call for appt. so I will be sure to be here.

    Contact: Fred W.J. Kirchner
    21248 Maine Avenue - Tolchester - Chestertown, MD 21620
    (p) 410-778-0091, (f) 410-778-2269, Email