Membership Investment

How to Join the Chamber

Your Investment
Whether yours is a large or small business, Membership in The Kent County Chamber of Commerce is a wise investment. Membership allows you to become actively involved in the community, easily meet potential customers, exchange ideas and creative business solutions with almost 300 like-minded professionals with whom you might not otherwise come in contact, and stay informed on key issues facing business owners and professionals in today’s fast-paced economy.

Membership Dues Structure

Dues are based on the total number of actual employees within the organization. Membership is for one year or any 12 month period.

General Membership
Includes retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, corporation, sales, services, manufacturers, utilities, financial institutions, professionals (accountants, architects, attorneys, dentists, physicians, brokers, etc.), artisans, non-profits, and individuals

*Membership dues are based on the total number of employees in the organization, regardless of how many will be participating in events, etc. (2 part-time employees = 1 full-time)

Self-Employed and up to 5 employees $200
6 – 10 Employees $230
11 – 99 Employeees $310
100+ Employees $395


Subsidiary business of current member $80


501(c)3 Organization $115


No company listings $105

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Contact Loretta Lodge at or 410-810-2968 for more information.